61. ♪8.♪ HAVE TO GO (Johan)

now I have a phobia things like this happen again? Am I crazy? No no satisfy me, with the same speed, to the same way the distance we always see each other the distance we always out of the way the distance we always help each other I’m selfish but I don’t want you to

49. ♪7.♪ MY DEAR MYSTERIOUS (Johan)

my ideal has been decided my dear mysterious I don’t know why, but I feel it’s just you still unseen that filling me up yeah, the day will come until then I live from hand to mouth existence if I see you, what changes and how I don’t know it but I’m not afraid of

28. ♪6.♪ FAR AWAY (Johan)

far away, far away, I couldn’t find then came here, and repeat “ you’re the best partner. “ “ it’s just only you. “ “ it’s just only here. “ “ now is the happiest time. “ I’ve been thinking so ★you may say you feel cold about my words, but think of it  I

25. ♪5.♪ 카멜레온 (Johan)

it’s fun that outside world i go out occasionally so I just cut loose but there is a moment happen to notice ” I’ve been held my breath for a long while. “ pale color seems to disappear as I accordance with the ambient before they don’t know I just going to disappear I scared

14. ♪4.♪ END, AND THEN (Johan)

what is waiting for the end of the sadness? I cried for many times, thrashed my legs about and I was in a shambles I hate unrelieved how if it’s suck tomorrow must come in some way and then… and if it comes… ★I thought  it’s the only raising me up  what’s the next worse

10. ♪3.♪ I DON’T KNOW ME (Johan)

I don’t know me person named me I’m here when I notice not after, not before just now, this time and… what will become of me? This body is mine but I don’t know what will become of this feelings arising this is my world locked my world up but I can do something, even

05. ♪2.♪ GOOD DAY (Johan)

5 sec. That’s enough even if in such a life, when I laugh from a heart in a while(about that), “it was a good day today.” I can think like that I hope you can laugh about that so I try to do various things, though after all you laughed, I can laughed more than

02. ♪1.♪ REWRITE (Johan)

on the day, this world had sleep paralysis thunder runs through in surprise on sudden events, we didn’t know what happened and fear moving in the dark in fumbling the fear dominated us imperceptibly, then we got into paralyzed like a fish turn round in the pot water pretend to not notice anything it’s the