43. SCENE37 (Johan)

INT. 30th floor of Hotel-DAY Yunho walk the corridor, he hear the sound carefully.Yunho stop at the front of a door.  Yunho : Machine sound… it must be here. Yunho knocked the door.A man came out of the room. He looks blue.  Yunho : There is a jacket front of the door. Is this yours?

42. SCENE36 (Johan)

INT. Elevator of the Hotel-DAY Elevator stop at 30th floor.Seonghwa look up the ceiling.There is a sound 3 people arrive on the ceiling. And ceiling was opened at the moment.Seonghwa pull them in the elevator quickly, and hit them.They all black out.

41. SCENE35 (Johan)

INT. Entrance of Hotel-DAY Yunho and Seonghwa walk through the lobby.Seonghwa sit on the sofa, Yunho go to the entrance.Yunho stand near the entrance. He looks seriously.  Yunho : Well…. Yunho see guests enter to hotel. Yunho’s eyes turn to red a little.Yunho using thermos sensor, and check the every guests. They all looks blue.

40. SCENE34 (Johan)

INT. Corner of lobby at Hotel–DAY An object of spinning round. Yunho stare at it.  Yunho : Closed loop… Seonghwa : What? Yunho : Nothing. Seonghwa : It’s time. Let’s go. Seonghwa stand up. Seonghwa wear a suit.  Yunho : OK. Yunho stand up. Yunho wear bellboy uniform.  Yunho : ..So, why do you wear

39. SCENE33 (Johan)

INT. Mingi’s labo (Mingi’s flashback)-NIGHT There are Mingi and Yunho.  Yunho : Hey, don’t you have the way to get P.O. sports type tools? Mingi : No way. Yunho : You always say there’s no tools that you can’t get…. Mingi : Yes I can. Find someone with all P.O. sports and transfer everything…Someone died

38. SCENE32 (Johan)

INT. COMPANY (3rd floor)-DAY Mingi walks the room. There are old many machines and tools in the room.  Mingi : Well, it must be here… Mingi is looking for something.  Mingi : Oh..it is. Mingi call San.  San : You find it? Mingi : Yes. The one you wanted. San : Wow! Is there anything

37. SCENE31 (Johan)

INT. San’s room-DAY (On San’s display) There is a data send from Mingi.San open the data. There is a photo of Wooyoung. San : You’re also here… San open some files. There’re some photos. (murder scenes, victims)San look at one of photos. There is bloody Wooyoung stand near a dead man.  San : …Who are

36. SCENE30 (Johan)

INT. San’s room-DAY San is looking at his PC display.  San : What? He’s out..? hmm..I can’t check it. There is a call from Mingi. San answer the call.  Mingi : You failed the operation of surveillance cameras? San : No way! I hacking all the cameras, and erase your video data. You’re invisible now.

35. SCENE29 (Johan)

INT. COMPANY (3rd floor)-DAY Wooyoung walk the floor, and mutter to himself.  Wooyoung : Good man… He knew that? ….No way,…but… Wooyoung stop, and look back. Wooyoung bump into Mingi.  Wooyoung : S..sorry! Wooyoung wondering why he didn’t notice Mingi’s indication.Mingi looks surprise in a moment. But he smile at once. He talk to Wooyoung

34. SCENE28 (Johan)

INT. COMPANY (1st floor, near the entrance)-DAY Hongjoong goes to a escalator, Wooyoung approach to Hongjoong.Hongjoong take the escalator, and Wooyoung walk after him. Wooyoung talk to Hongjoong in a small voice.  Wooyoung : Is that boy.. Hongjoong : Don’t worry. He just work here. Wooyoung : But.. Hongjoong : He’s just a boy, I