41. SCENE35 (Johan)

INT. Entrance of Hotel-DAY

Yunho and Seonghwa walk through the lobby.
Seonghwa sit on the sofa, Yunho go to the entrance.
Yunho stand near the entrance. He looks seriously.

 Yunho :

Yunho see guests enter to hotel. Yunho’s eyes turn to red a little.
Yunho using thermos sensor, and check the every guests. They all looks blue.

 Yunho :
(whisper)Woow… they really looks rich. All P.O.s…

Yunho smell the guests pass near him.

 Yunho :
(whisper) Hmm…no…no…no…wait..!

Yunho look at a group of the 5 guests.

 Yunho :
(whisper)High quality of rubber silicon…

Yunho talk to the group soon.

 Yunho :
Excuse me. I will have your baggage.

A group turn to Yunho, and smile.

 Man :
Thank you.

They pass the baggage to Yunho.

 Yunho :
The elevator is over there.

Yunho and a group go to the elevator, and pass near Seonghwa.
Seonghwa stand up slowly, and follow them.
Yunho and a guests get into the elevator, and Seonghwa do.

 Yunho :
Sorry, I forgot the cart for baggage, I can’t press the button..

A man of the group press the button of “30”. And he ask to Seonghwa.

 Man :
How about..?

Seonghwa :
I’m 30th floor, too. Thank you.

Elevator go up to 30th.
Seonghwa move their hands speedy, and hit the people of neck.
A group of the guests go down to their knees.
Seonghwa shot a small needle at fingertip, and take DNA samples.
Yunho look at the sight anxiously.
Seonghwa’s finger open and sample ampoules come out.

 Seonghwa :

Yunho get them quickly.
Elevator arrive until 25.
Yunho suddenly look up the ceiling of the elevator. Yunho hear the small sounds.

 Yunho :
Someone will come…

Yunho look at with thermos sensor.
There are 3 people go down to elevator, they all looks red.

 Yunho :
3people, and they are all normal.

Seonghwa :
They came at last… I stop them. You go.

Yunho :
Me? In a plan, you go to…

Seonghwa :
Change the plan.

Seonghwa put off his jacket, and throw it to Yunho.
Elevator arrive at “30” and door open.

 Seonghwa :
No problem. I’ll go after you soon.

Yunho :

Yunho get off the elevator in a hurry. Elevator’s door close.

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