04. SCENE3 (Johan)


EXT. By the window of Jongho’s room-DAY

Yunho stands up and come across the window. He see of Jongho’s back.
Yunho back his eyes to photo flames.
In photo flames, there are moving photos.
A photo “Jongho and Yunho are smiling with funny face”
A photo “Jongho wears gray uniform in front of COMPANY”
A photo “Jongho (little young) smiles with bouquet in front of bed like hospital”
An old sticker near a photo
A photo “Jongho (young) is laughing with their parents”
A photo “Jongho and Yunho (very young) play with on the street”
Yunho turn around, lean on the wall under the window and looks up sky.
He looks sad.

EXT. Ruin-street-DAY

Jongho walk through ruin-street. He compare buildings and mobile.

 Jongho :
I suppose it’s near…though

Jongho stop by old and high buildings, and look up them. He compare them and mobile again and again.
Jongho go into a building. But he stop his steps.
The building has no windows and doors, so near side where should be windows are very blight. But far side is dark.
Jongho turn around slowly with holding his mobile strong. He find a shine of knife a man raise, and get surprise.

 Jongho :

Jongho ran away from a man and go through the blight floor.
A man whistle, and other men rushed to a man. They chase Jongho.
Jongho hide in a room. Suddenly his mouth is held by someone(Mingi)’s hand.
Jongho surprise at it, and open his eyes widely. He struggle, and his elbow hit someone’s body.
Jongho run out of the room, men find that.
Jongho go upstairs , go upstairs.. and he run through to back of a room.
The room is dark. Jongho shout, run across to small window, and fly outside.
Jongho fall to the ground , and don’t move.
Some of men confirm it from the window that Jongho fell, and go somewhere.
Then, someone (Mingi) come across to Jongho.

2. -end-


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