66. SCENE58 (Johan)

INT. Old diner-NIGHT Jongho’s face has new scar.  Yunho : Jonghooooo!! Jongho : Bro…I’m alright. Yunho look at Seonghwa in counter.  Yunho : Hey! You did it again!? Jongho : Brooo…I’m so embarrassed… Mingi look at Seonghwa.  Mingi : Can he pass your lesson? Seonghwa : …Not bad. Mingi : We have no time. Seonghwa

65. SCENE57 (Johan)

INT. San’s room-DAY San is looking at his PCs.  San : Well..well..well… A PC display suddenly make a noise. San look at the PC.  San : What’s going on…??? It’s a PC that researching the data card that Jongho got.  San : Jongho…what have you picked up…. San look at the PC. PC display show

64. SCENE56 (Johan)

INT. Old diner-DAY Jongho is cleaning the diner. Seonghwa sit down and look at his PC.  Jongho : The job you said is this? Ahhh…Bro, I got tired yesterday… Seonghwa don’t answer.  Jongho : Brooo… Jongho took out his mobile.  Seonghwa : What’s that? Jongho : It’s a mobile….you don’t know, bro?? Seonghwa : Throw

63. SCENE55 (Johan)

EXT. Gate of the COMPANY-DAY Hongjoong and Wooyoung get into the gate.At a moment Mingi get out of the gate.They pass each other. Wooyoung look at Mingi, and Mingi look at them.Hongjoong didn’t notice it.Mingi whisper, he talk to San by mobile.  Mingi : They will do something in a few days or weeks.We also

62. SCENE54 (Johan)

INT. Shadow of building near the COMPANY-DAY Hongjoong and Wooyoung look at the COMPANY from the shadow of building near COMPANY. There are soldiers walk around the COMPANY.  Hongjoong : Soldiers are increasing. Wooyoung : You think it’s because of yesterday’s accident? Hongjoong : They must have stolen important information… Wooyoung : What should we

60. SCENE53 (Johan)

♪8.♪ HAVE TO GOhttp://ateez.xyz/2019/10/16/61-%e2%99%aa8-%e2%99%aa-have-to-go-johan/ INT. Wooyoung’s room-NIGHT Wooyoung sit down by the door. He hide his face with his hands.Wooyoung cross his hands. EXT. Ruin Street (19 years ago)-NIGHT Wooyoung hold hands of his parents. They stop at front of a door.Wooyoung stop there, and his parents enter the old building. INT. Hongjoong’s house (19

61. ♪8.♪ HAVE TO GO (Johan)

now I have a phobia things like this happen again? Am I crazy? No no satisfy me, with the same speed, to the same way the distance we always see each other the distance we always out of the way the distance we always help each other I’m selfish but I don’t want you to

59. SCENE52 (Johan)

INT. Hongjoong and Wooyoung’s house-NIGHT Wooyoung get into the house, Hongjoong is waiting for Wooyoung.  Hongjoong : Where have you been? Wooyoung : Ah… Hongjoong : I heard the mission was failed. Wooyoung : Yes..sorry. Hongjoong : And I heard you disappeared. Wooyoung : Um…I just chased who opposed. …I failed, though. Hongjoong sigh deeply.

58. SCENE51 (Johan)

INT. San’s room-NIGHT  San : You’re late. Mingi : I just not be in near the PC. San : Well… Mingi : So did you get anything? San : I’m researching now. But I am completing the puzzle. Mingi : So why did you call me? San : I just want to hear my friend’s

57. SCENE50 (Johan)

INT. Seonghwa’s room-NIGHT Seonghwa got a call from Mingi. He sigh, and answer the call.  Mingi : I thought you won’t answer. I want to ask you. Seonghwa : What? Mingi : About that guy. Who’s that guy that you took to me today. Seonghwa : …It’s.. Mingi : He was saved by my parents