60. SCENE53 (Johan)


INT. Wooyoung’s room-NIGHT

Wooyoung sit down by the door. He hide his face with his hands.
Wooyoung cross his hands.

EXT. Ruin Street (19 years ago)-NIGHT

Wooyoung hold hands of his parents. They stop at front of a door.
Wooyoung stop there, and his parents enter the old building.

INT. Hongjoong’s house (19 years ago)-NIGHT

Wooyoung’s parents are glad to see Hongjoong’s parents and Seonghwa’s parents.
They talk seriously for a while.
Wooyoung’s father hand a data card to Hongjoong’s father.
Hongjoong’s father look back the corner, and stare at Hongjoong.
Hongjoong play with Seonghwa and Seonghwa’s sister.
Wooyoung’s parents touch the shoulders of Seonghwa’s parents and Hongjoong’s parents gently.
After that Wooyoung’s parents get out of the room.
Seonghwa’s parents touch the shoulders of Hongjoong’s parents gently.
Seonghwa’s parents get out of the room with their children.
Hongjoong’s parents come to Hongjoong, Hongjoong look up his parents.
Hongjoong’s parents looks sad, Hongjoong smile as if he know what he have to do.
Hongjoong’s parents put their hands on Hongjoong’s head.
Hongjoong smile a little.

INT. Labo of Mingi’s parents (19 years ago)-NIGHT

Hongjoong looks worried about something on the bed.
Seonghwa and his sister sat near the bed.
Seonghwa’s parents and Hongjoong’s parents talk to Mingi’s parents.
Mingi’s parents take them to the corner that covered cross.
Mingi’s parents take off the cross and show them some big tubes that filled with liquid.
There are some body parts in tubes. And there is a human body in a biggest tube.
All of organizations in tubes are still in progress to finished product.
Mingi’s parents go to the desk.
Mingi sit down there and show them a PC, and the weapons program on the PC.

INT. Labo of Mingi’s parents (19 years ago)-NIGHT

There is a weapons on the dispay.
Hongjoong are sleeping on the operating table near the display.
And on the next to the table, Seonghwa’s parents are sleeping.
Between the table, Mingi and his parents are standing.
Mingi’s parents talk to Mingi, and Mingi start to operate.
In the next to the room, there are Hongjooong’s parents, and they holding Seonghwa’s sister.
And there is Seonghwa that are training out of the window.
Songhwa punch the air quickly.

EXT. Dark street near the COMPANY (18 years ago)-NIGHT

Hongjoong punch the COMPANY soldier and slam on the ground strongly.
The soldier robot break.
Hongjoong stood on the street, and there are many smoke around there.
There are many people that are injured, and broken robots on the ground.
Hongjoong stand the center of the street, and look up the COMPANY.

8. -end-

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