08. SCENE6 (Johan)

INT. Yunho’s room-NIGHT Jongho look at the display of Yunho’s PC from Yunho’s back.Yunho is sending a message to someone with his PC.  Jongho : You did it? Did it, huh? Yunho : Wait wait… Jongho : Is it an open chat page? Yunho : Nooo, It’s a private. Jongho : Private? Yunho : Yes.

07. SCENE5 (Johan)

EXT. OUTSIDE(on the way to Yunho&Jongho’s home from Mingi’s labo)-NIGHT  Jongho : Whew! That doc is..Anyway, I got lucky. Yunho : Jongho? Jongho : What? Yunho : Are you really alright? Jongho : It’S OK!!! You worry about it yet, bro? It’s alright!I have strong body, you know. And Doc has great skills!His weak point

06. SCENE4 (Johan)

INT. Mingi’s laboratory-NIGHT Yunho’s face that look down Jongho that lies on the bed, and he so worried.  Yunho : Jongho!!! Wow! Jongho got up! Jongho!!! Jongho : Ahhh…whe..where is here? Bro..am i..? Yunho : Jonghoooo! Sorry, really sorryy…!! Jongho : Ah..job..i..um, sorry I failed..bro.. Yunho : No, I don’t care about it..i was wrong..sorry.

04. SCENE3 (Johan)

♪2.♪ GOOD DAY http://ateez.xyz/2019/08/28/05-%e2%99%aa2-%e2%99%aa-good-day/ EXT. By the window of Jongho’s room-DAY Yunho stands up and come across the window. He see of Jongho’s back.Yunho back his eyes to photo flames.In photo flames, there are moving photos. A photo “Jongho and Yunho are smiling with funny face”A photo “Jongho wears gray uniform in front of COMPANY”A

05. ♪2.♪ GOOD DAY (Johan)

5 sec. That’s enough even if in such a life, when I laugh from a heart in a while(about that), “it was a good day today.” I can think like that I hope you can laugh about that so I try to do various things, though after all you laughed, I can laughed more than

03. SCENE2 (Johan)

INT. Underwater Shiny light spread from the center.Bubbles go up.Hand of someone (Yeosang) in the water. Yeosang : Time has come. INT. Jongho’s room-DAY An eye of a man (Jongho) opens.  Jongho : Aah..! wha..a..! Hard to breath..!Ah! Jongho noticed a man (Yunho) lie down on him.  Jongho : Ah..!! bro. Jongho move Yunho with

01. SCENE1 (Johan)

♪1.♪ REWRITEhttp://ateez.xyz/2019/08/26/02-%e2%99%aa1-%e2%99%aa-rewrite-johan/ PROLOGUE : Pills to be given people. (Jongho is giving.)A part of newspaper (top news ‘COMPANY 15th cerebration’, at the corner there is a small news about murderer ’COMPANY Contributors was dead’).News on PC displays (Mingi’s), cyber wiring, another PC displays with key board is typed by a man (San).“Enter” buttons were pressed,

02. ♪1.♪ REWRITE (Johan)

on the day, this world had sleep paralysis thunder runs through in surprise on sudden events, we didn’t know what happened and fear moving in the dark in fumbling the fear dominated us imperceptibly, then we got into paralyzed like a fish turn round in the pot water pretend to not notice anything it’s the


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00. settings (Johan)

Johan 세계는 조한의 뜻대로…. ― history ― 2020 Johan project started2027 1st C.R.(civil impact)2065 2nd C.R. (rebellion)2077 COMPANY 50th 《now》 ― story ― Future world.After the twice C.R.(civilization revolution), the society was integrated, monitored, and dominated by a highly developed security system of the COMPANY (they don’t need the name as the only organization to