03. SCENE2 (Johan)

INT. Underwater

Shiny light spread from the center.
Bubbles go up.
Hand of someone (Yeosang) in the water.

Yeosang :
Time has come.

INT. Jongho’s room-DAY

An eye of a man (Jongho) opens.

 Jongho :
Aah..! wha..a..! Hard to breath..!Ah!

Jongho noticed a man (Yunho) lie down on him.

 Jongho :
Ah..!! bro.

Jongho move Yunho with the sigh.

 Yunho :

Jongho :
Ah! Oh.. why are you here? Go to your bed. Good night, bro.

Big sound of Yunho’s mobile make Jongho (trying to sleep) surprise.

 Jongho :
Wow! Your mobile calls you, and do you know silent mode?

Yunho :
Um? My mobile, ya? You check it, please.

Jongho :
Nooo. Your mobile, right?

Big sound continue.

 Jongho :
Umm! OK! OK! Who calls bro? cute girl? or terrible men?

Jongho take the phone in hand, and answer the phone.

 Jongho :

Off phone.

 Jongho :
Hello? Hello? What was that?
Bro, someone made a big big mistake on this good day.
Such an annoying calling was not for you.
Who makes someone angry? Well, don’ know.

Jongho try to sleep again.
Tremble mobile for a few moments.

 Jongho :
Ohh, what’s the next? Mail? Bro, mail comes from cutie.

Yunho :

Jongho :
Hey! Bro! Well..here,

Jongho opened Yunho’s eye with his finger and show the display of phone.

 Yunho :
Don’t touch…

Yunho watch phone display, then he become seriously at that moment,
and after that he pretend to sleepy.

 Yunho :
(coughing) Ahh, it’s about my job…I..I am very tired…though..
It’s easy job, so could you go?

Jongho :
Me? why?

Yunho :
Um, because it’s easy. I want to, I have to do..yes..But!
But..oh…I worked a lot yesterday, until midnight!
Ahh..it was very hard…
When I came home, you’ve already slept with happily face..
Ahhh..I’m so sleepy, so tired…
It’s just, just only job that picking up something ,though….

Yunho looks up Jongho’s face.

 Jongho :
(sigh) OK! I do! I do! You’re satisfied?

Yunho smile, he jump into Jongho’s bed, and drop Jongho.

 Yunho :
Thank you. Your brother can have a good dream. Good night!
The spot information will be send to you! Hurry! Speed is important.

Jongho go out with revile to Yunho.
After that Yunho sit up with serious face and look at picture frames near the bed.

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