01. SCENE1 (Johan)



Pills to be given people. (Jongho is giving.)
A part of newspaper (top news ‘COMPANY 15th cerebration’, at the corner there is a small news about murderer ’COMPANY Contributors was dead’).
News on PC displays (Mingi’s), cyber wiring, another PC displays with key board is typed by a man (San).
“Enter” buttons were pressed, cyber wiring, smartphone’s display that Yunho has.
Yunho’s legs pass Yeosang’s leg. A newspaper is blown up from Yeosang’s steps.
City’s sight, COMPANY’s buildings, paint on COMPANY’s wall ’WE have no name’, window of COMPANY.
A man (Seonghwa) all in black enter the buildings using security card, he walk on the floor, at the corner he gives another man (Mingi) a card when they pass. Another man(Mingi) gives a man(Seonghwa) a small machine at the time, and goes to other ways. A man(Seonghwa) goes up in an elevator, other man (Hongjoong) get off earlier. A man get off on the different floor. A man(Seonghwa) goes straight down the hall, and after turning the corner other man (Wooyoung) goes the way he came. A man(Seonghwa) opens the next door using small machine room, and then he pull out some data from machine.

INT. Old ruins-NIGHT

A shiny rope in the darkness.
A face of man (Seonghwa) descending down the rope.
Focus on eye of man that notice something.
Men around a man hanging upside down. All men are all in black.
They fight. Man is tough and strong, but he was to be injured.
He run out there, he hide something in the shadows.
A man disappear, men go somewhere to find him.

♪1.♪ -end-


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