09. SCENE7 (Johan)


EXT. Outside, dark street-NIGHT

A man walk on the dark street. Shadow glow on the wall of building.
Another shadow (Wooyoung) follow a man’s shadow.
A man notice something, and walk faster.
Wooyoung’s shadow jump like a dance. And then attack to a man.
Man fall on his backside.
Shining of knife, moves like dance.
Man can’t move.
Wooyoung’s shadow kill a man’s shadow. Blood splash on the wall.
Wooyoung’s shadow fall on his knees, and his shadow shout to the sky.
Another shadow (Seonghwa) appears on the another building silently.
Wooyoung’s shadow attach a man’s body to wall. Then, Wooyoung’s shadow leave.
After that, Seonghwa’s shadow appears on the street, and get close with a man.
Seonghwa research a man’s body and take some photos with his eye camera.
Seonghwa connect to “rev.ape” with his connecter and send San a file.
Seonghwa look up the sky, and leave.
At the top of a building, Yeosang is sitting on and look down everything.

3. -end-

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