13. SCENE10 (Johan)

EXT. A restricted area-NIGHT

Wooyoung  jump over the wall with signboard ’ keep out’. Then he proceeds divided the grass.
Wooyoung find a small tipi. It lit the lights in the tipi. He come close to it.
Wooyoung go to the front of the tipi, a smiling guy (Yunho) is sitting and looks up him.
There are some foods and drinks there.

 Yunho :
I have a feeling that we can meet today.

Wooyoung :
Hi, I’ve also expected it, too.
..It’s just my guess, but I think you were waiting for me so long?

Yunho :
No! um, I mean.. I really wanted to meet you. But I just came here just now.
It was busy today, many trouble happened. So..

Wooyoung :
(smile) That’s good.. I mean you’ve not been waiting so long.

Yunho :
Haha..have a seat here.

Wooyoung :
Thank you.

Yunho pass Wooyoung a cup filled hot drink.

Yunho :

Wooyoung :


There is a full moon in the sky. Yunho and Wooyoung look it up.

 Yunho :
You remember that day today?

Wooyoung :
There’s no day that not to think of, right?

Yunho :

EXT. Street (12 years ago : rebellion day)-NIGHT

There is a full moon. And there are many rising smokes towards the sky.
Young Yunho stands on the street. There are many people falling down on the ground.
Young Jongho lie down at Yunho’s foot. Jongho injured all his body, and don’t move.
Someone’s hand hold Yunho’s shoulder. Yunho look back with surprise.
There are Yunho’s parents. Mother hold him, and say “sorry, we failed.”
Father said to him, “there’s no time. Listen to me carefully. On the sideway near the ruin street, there is a good doctor. Take Jongho there right now. Go and don’t look back.”
Yunho nod, and hold Jongho on his back in a hurry. Yunho look back and start to run.
There are new bombings on Yunho’s back, but he don’t look back, and keep running.
Yunho’s eyes filled up tears, but he run, run, run ,and then he reached to deserted street.
He found small light of doctor’s house at last.

EXT. Street (12 years ago : rebellion day)-NIGHT

There are many children linking their arms each other and lie down on the ground.
They are all died, except a children (young Wooyoung). A soldier noticed to him, and inform to his team. Superior officer came there, and give Wooyoung’s neck a shot with big injection. Superior office ordered to take Wooyoung to the COMPANY’s labo. “ Take it to the labo. We might get some information about demo. Don’t kill. “
A soldier lift Wooyoung in his arms, and move to along to the buildings.
On a top of a building, there are two guys (young Hongjoong and young Seonghwa). They look down the riot. Hongjoong find Wooyoung carrying by soldier. Hongjoong say Seonghwa to help him.
Seonghwa running down the string, and get out to the ground. He jump and kick soldier’s head from side very strongly. Soldier fall down. Then Seonghwa hold Wooyoung not to fall out.
Hongjoong appear Seonghwa’s back. He look at Wooyoung, and say “He’s going to die. Take him to doctor. Let’s go.”
Hongjoong and Seonghwa walk to the darkness of buildings, and disappear.

INT. Doctor’s labo (12 years ago : rebellion day)-NIGHT

There are 3 boys lie on bed. Whole body of 2 boys (Jongho and Wooyoung) are wrapped up in a bandage. Face of a boy (Yunho) are wrapped up in a bandage.
They are all holding their hands each other.

EXT. A restricted area-NIGHT

Yunho and Wooyoung sit on the ground and look up the moon in the sky.

 Wooyoung :
We lost many things..

Yunho :
We got something, though.

Wooyoung :

Yunho :
We’ve met. And we’re talking just like this.

Wooyoung :
(smile) Yeah…
If, if…

Yunho :

Wooyoung :

Full moon in the drink of cup.

4. -end-

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