18. SCENE14 (Johan)

INT.  1st floor HALL (Integrity girls school)-DAY

Jongho moves cart. In a cart, Yunho is hiding.
Jongho is trying to get into cleaning stuff. He starts to whistle.
Yunho’s hand attack Jongho’s leg.

 Jongho :
Oh..!! (whisper) what are you doing?

Yunho :
(whisper) You! What were you doing!? Whistle!??
You wanna be eye catching, huh?

Jongho :
(whisper) I,..I just pretend to stuff..
See, they used to do like this on movies. So I tried..

Yunho :
(whisper) Don’t do this again. Quietly! And go! Hurry!

Jongho :

Jongho moves a cart to an elevator. And he place his mobile in front of reader.
On his mobile display, there is a fake ID. Elevator is opened.
He moves a cart in an elevator.

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