28. ♪6.♪ FAR AWAY (Johan)

far away, far away, I couldn’t find

then came here, and repeat

“ you’re the best partner. “ “ it’s just only you. “ “ it’s just only here. “

“ now is the happiest time. “ I’ve been thinking so

★you may say you feel cold about my words, but think of it

 I should not to be change, anything

 just more on one step to the other way

 and you’re not in the way

 as the steps are increasing,

 you know what I mean? The distance was spread

 and I couldn’t find you when I noticed

just like this, stepping on the same place

I’ve moved on, then came here, and repeat

“ you’re the best comrade. “ “it’s just only you. “ “it’ll no be changing like this. ”

“ the time to be continue. “ I’ve been thinking so

I think we were in close

why? when?

We’re smiling like this now

but why? So away…

the distance away so far

I’m so sad

I think so coolly, though

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