45. SCENE39 (Johan)

INT. 30th floor of the room-DAY

Yunho walk corridor toward the elevator. He noticed the small sound come to him with silence.
He turn back, and look at a man. And he found Wooyoung.
Yunho’s eye meet Wooyoung’s eye. They stop, and looks surprise.

 Wooyoung :

Yunho :

They don’t what happens to them. Wooyoung swallow spit.
Wooyoung smile. And Yunho also smile as answer.

 Wooyoung :
Why are you here, Bro?

Yunho :
Ah, I’m a part time job…instead of someone ill…

Wooyoung :
Ahhh, you work here today…

Yunho :
What a coincidence! So…why are you here? Job?

Wooyoung :
I am..

Wooyoung suddenly fall down. At a moment, Seonghwa appear behind the Yunho.
Yunho hold Wooyoung, Wooyoung quiver convulsively. Wooyoung has no consciousness.
Yunho is feeling rushed.
Seonghwa talk to Yunho.

 Seonghwa :
What are you dong? Hurry…

Seonghwa look into Yunho’s arm, and surprised at Wooyoung in Yunho’s arm.

 Yunho :
..How..how should I do.. call the doct..

Seonghwa :

Yunho :

Seonghwa looks confusing. At the moment, Seonghwa got a call from San.

 San :
Take him to me.

Calll is cut.
Seonghwa looks like knowing what he should do.
Seonghwa carry Wooyoung on his back in a hurry, and go to emergency exit.
Yunho follow Seonghwa.
Seonghwa turn back to Yunho.

 Seonghwa :
Don’t worry, I take him to San. I’ll see you later.

Yunho :
O,oh..I go as early as I can.

Seonghwa jump to the roof other building. And jump to the roof other building again.
Yunho close the door of emergency exit, and run corridor. He throw off uniform jacket.

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