02. ♪1.♪ REWRITE (Johan)

on the day, this world had sleep paralysis

thunder runs through in surprise

on sudden events, we didn’t know what happened

and fear moving in the dark in fumbling

the fear dominated us imperceptibly, then we got into paralyzed

like a fish turn round in the pot water

pretend to not notice anything

it’s the end of the peaceful world with no wave again today

repeat the day-to-day that fall in the darkness

★ah rewrite rewrite

   but we have to know

   what the fear close to us is, what the reason don’t feel from the heart is

☆and then we against to them

   this world has to be rewrite

   we have to do for this world, for our future,

   for that people I love can laugh from the heart,

   and for I can also laugh from the heart

the darkness covered the world on that day

black smoke divided people into just a men

in the air, we can’t breathe deeply, small and shallow respiration to be repeated

in the air, while we exchange masochistic smile,

we’ve started to have no doubt we laugh from the heart

fear changed before we know

we’re happy with the happiness of pretense

end of peaceful world again today

this balance mustn’t o be lose

close your eyes

and open your eyes at the moment just you fall

then you know what the fear covering us

make sure of definitely

what is yourself, when you stand, how fragile there are

rewrite rewrite rewrite rewrite

rewrite the world

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