11. SCENE8 (Johan)

INT. Front of the Wooyoung’s room (Wooyoung&Hongjoong’s home)-NIGHT

When Wooyoung is going to touch the door knob, Wooyoung notice something and stop the move.
Hongjoong appears from his room, and talk to Wooyoung.

 Hongjoong :
You’ve been gone out?

Wooyoung :

Hongjoong :
You did a work until now?
This time we failed, but don’t worry.
We have other ways.

Wooyoung :
The boy disappeared.
It seems to someone took the dead body away.

Hongjoong :
Well, research team do the work.
Don’t worry. You have to take a rest.
I know you care about, but we have a mission on daytime.

Wooyoung :

Hongjoong :
So, where have you been?

Wooyoung :
Ahhh…I, I went out to have a meal, but forgot my wallet.
I have to go out again.

Hongjoong :
(smile) I see. You should remember a mission on daytime. Now I sleep.

Wooyoung :
Yes. Good night, bro.

Hongjoong :
Good night.

Hongjoong go back to his room.
Wooyoung watches Hongjoong carefully, and check Hongjoong back to the room.

 Wooyoung :
(sigh deeply)

Wooyoung close his eyes tightly, and hold the door knob with trembling hands.
There are some dry blood on his fingertips.

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