19. SCENE15 (Johan)

INT. 5th floor Corridor ( Integrity girls school)-DAY

Jongho come out with cart from elevator. He steal into a cart to a small room near the elevator.
In a small room, There are tools for cleaning. Jongho look around him.

 Jongho :
(whisper) Bro! Nobody’s there.

Yunho appears from a cart.

 Yunho :
(whisper) Well, stay here. I go to the classroom.

Jongho :
(whisper) I wait here!?

Yunho :
(whisper) Of course! This is advanced section! A lot of sensors in corridors!
You stay here! OK? I come back soon.

Yunho attempt to go out.

 Jongho :
(whisper) OK, so bro..

Yunho look back.

 Yunho :
(whisper) What?

A flash. Jongho take a Yunho’s photo with his mobile.

 Jongho :
(whisper, and try not to laugh) L…looks good on you….

Yunho hits Jongho’s head for a few times. Jongho holds his hand.

 Jongho :
OK..OK..I won’t do this again…

Yunho go out of the room.

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