24. SCENE20 (Johan)

INT. San’s room-DAY

There are 10 displays front of San.
San look at the displays.
San start to moving his fingers for prepare.

 San :
Well..Let’s start..

♪5.♪ 카멜레온

San is typing 4 keyboards so speedy.
On displays, many folders are disappeared, and new many folders are appeared.
San looks happy.
San stop typing, and turn to connected parts.
San stare at parts.
San pull the cord, and parts fall on the floor.
San turn to display again. He start to type again.
On the display, there are many graphs.
San stop typing, and stare at the graphs. He looks like confuse.
San type a main keyboard, and look at the display carefully.
San are thinking something with watching display.
San seems got a new idea.
San type a keyboard seriously. A display shows “researching”.
San looks main display, and open a “rev. ape”chat page.
San call Mingi.

INT. Mingi’s labo-DAY

Mingi notice call from San.

Mingi :

San :
About parts you found…

Mingi :
I found ones as you said. Any problem?

San :
Um, nothing. That was great. I want you to find more.
I send you a list later.

Mingi :

San :
..So, about tomorrow..,

Mingi :

San :
I didn’t say nothing.

Mingi :
It’s a Sunday night. About the only day you go out, right?
I’m a free. OK.

San :
Yes. And I have guests this time..

Mingi :
Guest? Very rare. About your work?

San :
….Something like that.

Mingi :
No problem.

San :
Well, at the usual place, later. Gotta go.
I’ll tell lone wolf.

Mingi :
No, he just be here.

San :
Oh..well gotta go.

San close the chat page.
Seonghwa is sitting near Mingi.
Mingi look at a photo on the display.
There is a photo of young Mingi and his parents on the display.
Mingi shut on the display.
Mingi turn to Seonghwa. Seonghwa take Mingi to the next room.
There are many junk tools, materials, and metal body parts.
Mingi look around them carefully, and take photos of them one by one.
Seonghwa is just standing and looking at Mingi.
Mingi pass some money to Seonghwa. Seonghwa put away it immediately.
Mingi talk to Seonghwa (about San’s call).
Seonghwa nod a little, and leave the room.

5. -end-

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