27. SCENE22 (Johan)


Jongho take an old sticker out of his pocket. He stare at it.

INT. Young Jongho’s house (12 years ago)-Night

Young Jongho is in his room, with Young Yunho. Yunho is reading a book.
Jongho take many stickers out of small cases. He sigh, and look at Yunho.
Jongho say “Let’s go to see parents!”, Yunho answer “No.”
Jongho say “Unexciting…”, Yunho say “They told us to be here. So stay here.”
Jongho say “When did they come back?”, Yunho answer “Don’t know.”
Jongho say “So Let’s go to see them! Just look!”, Yunho say “No!”
Jongho say “Pleeeease! Bro..”,  Yunho say “I’m busy.”
Yunho turn to the wall, and read a book for a few seconds.
Yunho sigh, look back and say “So, you play with me…”
Yunho notice Jongho isn’t in the room, and window is open.
Yunho look outside in a hurry, and he found Jongho run away.
Yunho growl, and ran after Jongho. There is a full moon in the sky.

INT. Mimisbrunnr sanctuary- DAY

Dim light bulbs.
Wooyoung sit on the floor and confess.
There is a board on an altar front of Wooyoung.
Yeosang sit on chair and look down Wooyoung over the board.

EXT. Quiet alley-DAY

 Hongjoong :
Do you have something cannot to ask?

Jongho :
Yes, you too?

Hongjoong :
I have a guy can’t to ask, and a guy no longer ask.

EXT. The grave of Seonghwa’s sister (10 years ago)-NIGHT

Young Hongjoong stood by the small grave. Young Seonghwa also stood by the grave.
Seonghwa place flowers on the grave, and say “You really loved my sister…”
Hongjoong say “Yes. She was glad when I become a COMPANY officer.”
Hongjoong sit and stare at the grave.
Hongjoong say “However I haven’t ever thought she died such like a …”
Hongjoong looks very sad. Hongjoong say “she saved us, informing by made herself a decoy.”
Seonghwa say “she knows our death cause a new rebellion. And it made a big sacrifice.”
Hongjoong say “nobody except us knows her death…”
Seonghwa say “She left with me, for finding the way to make a peaceful world.”
Hongjoong look at Seonghwa, and say “what?”
Seonghwa say “I leave here. I go the different way with you. We need possibilities.”
Hongjoong say “Leave here means death. That’s our rule. I can’t stop W.A.T chasing you.”
Seonghwa say “I know. You are our leader, bro. but It’s OK. I won’t loose easily, as you know.”
Hongjoong say “Don’t go.” Seonghwa stand up, and say “sorry.”
Seonghwa leave.
Hongjoong take out his mobile, and call.

INT. Ruin street (Hongjoong and Wooyoung’s house,10 years ago)-NIGHT

It’s rainy night.
Young Hongjoong opened the door in a hurry. Young Wooyoung stands outside.
Wooyoung looks sad.
Hongjoong ask Wooyoung “How was that?”, Wooyoung answered “he died..”
Hongjoong close his eyes, and say “I see..”

EXT. Quiet alley-NIGHT

 Jongho :
What do you want to ask?

Hongjoong :
“You have strong hate to me?”

Jongho :
“You regret being with me?”

6. -end-

 Hongjoong :
Well let’s go home. It’s getting dark.

Jongho :
Wow, really dark…I really hate darkness. I gotta go..!
Bro, can we meet again?

Hongjoong :
Yes, you’re good to find you. So we can.

Jongho :
Well, see you Bro!!

Jongho run and leave with waving his hands.
Hongjoong smile and see of Jongho. After that Hongjoong look at a photo case.

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