31. SCENE25 (Johan)

INT. Underwater

Small bubbles are going up.
Yeosang is looking at them. He whisper.

 Yeosang :
I found the hope…twinkle twinkle…

Bubbles are seen in Yeosang’s eyes.
The bubbles is popping on the surface, and the last one is only floating.

INT. Jongho’s room-DAY

Jongho’s eye open.
Jongho notice Yunho, and sigh deeply.

 Jongho :
Bro..!! It’s your fault that I can’t sleep well…everyday, everyday…
You know you have your bed?

Yunho sleep well. Jongho stare at Yunho.

 Jongho :

Jongho close his mouth. He get up, and go to his photos.

 Jongho :
You have a good dream?

Jongho take a data card near the photos. He look at it, and tilt his head.

 Jongho :
Powerful bubbles….

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