48. SCENE42 (Johan)


INT. San’s room-NIGHT

San’s right hand on the desk.There is a desk light back.
San look at his hand.

EXT. Street-DAY (17 years ago)

San’s hand holding with his parents in daylight.
San wear birthday crown. He looks very happy.
San’s mother take the crown with smile, and San’s father put hand on San’s head.
San look at his parents with smile.

INT. Labo-DAY (17 years ago)

San’s face at an operating table.
San look at unseen face over the light.
San’s eyes are closed. And San’s P.O. operating of hands start.
There are a sleeping boy(Mingi) on other operating table.
San find the light and bubbles in dream. Bubbles go up to the shining light.

INT. Bed room at the labo-DAY (17 years ago)

Daylight. San open his eyes. San find the parents with smile.
San get up on the bed. He look at his hands wrapped with bandage.

INT. San’s room-NIGHT

San’s hands are typing so speedy.
There is a medical data of Jongho on a display.

7. -end-

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