34. SCENE28 (Johan)

INT. COMPANY (1st floor, near the entrance)-DAY

Hongjoong goes to a escalator, Wooyoung approach to Hongjoong.
Hongjoong take the escalator, and Wooyoung walk after him. Wooyoung talk to Hongjoong in a small voice.

 Wooyoung :
Is that boy..

Hongjoong :
Don’t worry. He just work here.

Wooyoung : But..

Hongjoong :
He’s just a boy, I just talk to him.

Wooyoung close his mouth.

 Hongjoong :
Do you think I’m a good man?

Wooyoung :

Hongjoong :
Nothing. Don’t care about it. I know you’re a good man.

Wooyoung : I’m a…

Hongjoong :
Well, gotta go. Later!

Hongjoong goes to left side. Wooyoung see off Hongjoong’s back.

 Wooyoung :
You are a man that I can say good man now…

Wooyoung goes to right side.

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